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Ukázka testu angličtiny z přijímacího řízení na VŠE

Vyberte nejvhodnější možnost. (Správná je právě jedna z uvedených možností.)


1. Well, I think it′s time we …… on our way

a) will be       b) were     c) are     d) have been

2. The little man was …… one metre fifty high.

a) higher than   b) almost more than      c) nearly more than       d) hardly more than

3. During the Period of Enlightenment, most philosophers ….. learning truth by reasoning.

a) stressing        b) have been stressed  c) were stressed             d) stressed

4. If I …… any help, I′ll ask you.

a) needing          b) needed          c) will need        d) need

5. You promised her a letter; you ought to … days ago.

a) write              b) be writing      c) be written     d) have written

6. Several years ago, someone succeeded ….. across the Channel in a bicycle- powered aeroplane.

a) to fly               b) at flying          c) in flying           d) to flying

7. He works slowly and carefully, …. .

a) how I do         b) as if I do         c) as how I do    d) as I do

8. She moved very slowly, …… exhausted by her day′s work.

a) as      b)like    c) although         d)as if

9. I would have cleaned the house if I …… you were coming.

a) had known    b) have known c) knew               d) would have known

10. He asked me …. sheep were in the field.

a) what great number of             b) how many     c)what a lot of  d) how much



11. What they say may be true; you never can …… .

a) recognize       b) say    c) tell     d) remember

12. The plane … crashed was a very modern jet fighter.

a) that it has      b) which it          c) it        d) that

13. The policeman stated that he ….. the thief standing near the shop two days earlier.

a) was seeing    b) had seen       c) is seeing         d) sees

14. Most of the cattle …..under the trees.

a) are laying       b) is lying             c) is laying           d) ale lying

15. “Look what I′ve just bought at an auction!” – “What an extraordinary thing! Where ….. it?”

a) you are going to put b) are you putting           c) are you going to put  d) you will be putting

16. The instructor warned the students …. sailing alone on the lake.

a) out of              b) from                                c) not    d) about

17. I would be grateful if you could give me some …. about what to say in the interview.

a) advises           b) advisers         c) advising          d) advice

18. He saw the plane ….. into the sea when its engines failed.

a) how crashed             b) crashed          c) crash                        d) to crash

19. ……. a car when they were living in London?

a) Were they having      b) Had they        c) Have they had             d) Did they have

20. There are chestnut trees on …..side of the path.

a) both                 b) other               c) either              d) double


21. We should take more exercise …keep fit.

a) so that to       b) in order that                c) so as to           d) as to

22. ….down the High Street, Peter bumped into Jenny.

a) Walking          b) As walking                    c) On walk          d) Walked

23. The boys′ father built then a large sandbox ….. .

a) to play in        b) in which to play in      c) to play in it     d) in play in there

24. In some countries ….dark all the time in winter

a) is        b) there               c) there is           d) it is

25. …….. person who damages the trees in the park will be prosecuted.

a) Some               b) All     c) That  d) Any

26. I′d like to know why …..so early yesterday.

a) John leaves   b) did you leave John    c) did John leave             d) John left

27. After the car crash, the patient did not…… round for two hours.

a) come               b) bring                               c) pass                  d) go

28. I …. taken my umbrella. There wasn′t a drop of rain all day.

a) needn′t have                               b) didn′t need to             c) must have     d) could have

29. They married twenty years ago and it …a very happy marriage.

a) is always         b) has always been        c) had always been        d) would have always been

30. There′s …..room in that car for me and my dogs.

a) plenty of        b) ample of        c) a lot                  d) plenty



31. The country can be divided ….six geographical zones

a) of      b) on     c) every                               d) in the

32. Could you go upstairs …..half an hour to check the baby′s all right?

a) all of                 b) all                      c) every                               d) in the

33. I am sure he …his parents if he became rich.

a) will look after               b) looks after    c) would look after         d) is looking after

34. After the ……. of the climbers, the police were thanked for their work.

a) rescue             b) help                 c) freedom         d) safety

35. Jena and Margareth …….to live next door to each other at one time.

a) had used        b) were used    c) have used      d) used

36. Grandmother will be pleased …. the baby.

a) see                   b) her see           c) to see              d) her to see

37. She blamed me …what happened.

a) why                  b) on                     c) to                      d) for

38. Please …to buy some postcards.

a) remind            b) not to forget                               c) remember     d) suggest

39. Jane began to eat strawberries in large quantities ….. their high price.

a) despite of      b) contrary to                   c) on the contrary           d) in spite of

 40. They were having …a nice time at the party that they didn′t want to leave.

a) very                 b) such                 c) too                    d) so


41. My brother was ……. run over by a lorry yesterday.

a) scarcely          b) hardly             c) nearly              d) for little

42. ……… at a higher temperature than water?

a) Was milk boiling          b) Does milk boil              c) Is milk boiling               d) Has milk boiled

43. “I really should go to the cinema more often!” “…….”

a) I needn′t        b) I should either            c) I must too                                     d) So should I

44. The alarm was … by accident when the builders were repairing the house.

a) turned on      b) sounded off                 c) set off                             d) rung up

45. ……that we were late, we began to run.

a) Knowing         b) We knew       c) As knowing                                   d) To know

46. We have been ………..business with that company since 1990.

a) working          b) growing          c) doing               d) making

47. I′d rather you smoke, if you don′t mind.

a) didn′t                              b) shouldn′t                       c) don′t                d) wouldn′t

48. When he ….. typing your letter, I will take it to the post.

a) will finish        b) has finished                 c) is finishing                     d) will have finished

49. I wish you ….. call him by that insulting name.

a) hadn′t                             b) won′t                              c) don′t                d) wouldn′t

50. I′m looking for my purse. Tom, you haven′t seen my purse, …..?

a) do I                   b) aren′t                              c) had you          d) have you







1b, 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6c, 7d, 8d, 9a, 10b,

11c, 12d, 13b, 14d, 15c, 16d, 17d, 18c, 19d, 20c,

21c, 22a, 23a, 24d, 25d, 26d, 27a, 28a, 29b, 30a,

31c, 32c, 33c, 34a, 35d, 36c, 37d, 38c, 39d, 40b,

41c, 42b, 43d, 44c, 45a, 46c, 47a, 48b, 49d, 50d.

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